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Opportunity for PhD. studies

Pridané: piatok, 17. marec 2023 10:43

Opportunity for PhD. studies

Searching for a PhD. study in the area of plant/tree physiology/ecology in Europe? You are in the right place. This is Mlyňany Arboretum, Institute of Forest Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. For the school year 2023/2024 I launched dissertation topic „Interactions of oaks with hemi-parasitic yellow mistletoe (Loranthus europeusJacq.) under environmental stress“, for which you can apply till the end of May 2023 at the partner Technical University in Zvolen. If you are interested, contact me before the deadline. In case you prefer study of another problem, let me know and we can discuss your dissertation topic for the next year. My name is Peter Ferus, PhD. and I am head of the Department of Dendrobiology. Reply to E-mailová adresa je skrytá, zapnite si Javascript, aby ste ju mohli vidieť. .